First Year Down, More to Tackle

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We made the decision one year ago today, to start a brand built on the interests and backgrounds that we collectively shared.  Bryce Lund, Kyle Simpson, and myself all shared a service in the Army, a love for camping, fishing, and exploring new trails through all seasons of the year.  We ultimately decided that night, Midwest Backcountry Outdoors would embody this love for getting outside and would include an element of the brand's backbone to give back to organizations that strengthened other people and the lands around us. 

The list grew quickly to include the necessary infrastructure to sell our products, what would the products look like, what would set them apart, how could we partner with amazing organizations that were already doing so much good for others.  We reminded ourselves constantly about the initial vision for this and a reminder of patience with the growth that we wanted to see.  Without any major obstacles, we were able to create a website, begin to grow a social following, partner with three amazing Veteran and Environmental Conservation nonprofit organizations, and find our niche in unique designs that truly showed what the #adventurelifestyle meant.

We have ambitions to create not only stylish and unique apparel that begs the question from others seeing our customers wearing it, “Where did you get that? What is MB Outdoors?”  This comes with time and a constant effort to reach out and be genuine to every customer and fellow small business alike.  A goal of ours is to support others that have taken the same initiative to create, to grow an idea into a business, to share the skills and talents of those that design one of a kind products or services.

Our perspective after 12 months is a gracious one, one that thanks every follower on social media, every visit to, every order that has been placed, every customer that has shared their adventures wearing our clothing, our great Charitable Partners to include:

Camp Patriot   -    Team Red, White, and Blue   -    Friends of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Along with every other ambitious individual grinding to build something from a passion or skill, much like we have over the past year.

Thank you for a great 12 months and join us in pushing MB Outdoors to tackle trails and mountains, to jump into lakes and walk beside rivers in the years ahead.

Austin, Bryce, & Kyle

Austin DummerComment